About Deziree – Nationwide Equestrian Photographer

About Deziree – Nationwide Equestrian Photographer

I’m a nationwide equestrian photographer for people that are obsessed with their horses. I basically run on tea and cookies, and love nothing more than being surrounded by animals. My passion for equine photography began with my own horse, who was one of the most influential aspects on my teenage years.

When I’m not photographing horses, you can usually find me binge watching buddy copy shows and sci-fi on Netflix, binge reading fantasy books, or binge eating carbs. I’m a picture of moderation ;) I also spend a fair amount of time with my amazing husband, Brad/Bread (binge hanging out?). He’s a nerdy computer guy with a sweet, goofy side and a passion for all things baked.

My soul yearns for adventure, but I’m also never happier than when I’m spending a quite night at home with my favorite companions (furred and not). We are currently full time RVing around the country in hopes of solving this contradiction.

*Don’t feel obligated to read this whole thing, but definitely scroll down to see the best family photo ever.*

Photo by Haley Allen Photography

My Furry Family

We have an adorable pup named Tibbers who is basically one third dog, one third cat, and one third human. She’s named after a character in a video game (bonus points if you can name the game!), and is probably the most beautiful dog I’ve ever met. When she’s not sleeping a ton (remember, she’s part cat), there’s nothing she enjoys more than scaling cliffs. Seriously, I’ve never seen a dog climb like this and if we’ve ever hung, I’ve probably proudly showed you videos. While she’s definitely a mutt, we are curious about what combination of breeds makes such a perfect dog, and are consider taking bets and getting her DNA tested. Interested?


Having grown up with a clowder of cats (that’s really what it’s called, look it up), I have a special place in my heart for furballs of the feline persuasion. Death Cat for Cutie was the perfect addition to our little family, simultaneously the feistiest and sweetest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. She’ll knock over her water bowl four times a day, and attack your ankles in the dark, but she’ll also cuddle you relentlessly all night long (even if you roll over her). She’s also the best trained cat I know, coming when called and giving kisses when asked. And in case you were wondering, her favorite Death Cab for Cutie song is “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”

I wasn’t looking for a new horse when Pixy came along, but we couldn’t be happier that we snatched her up. She’s a total diva, and will basically kill for food, but she’s also a secret sweetheart. She’s a stocky, Clydesdale quarter horse and when she isn’t eating everything in sight, she loves jumping and going way faster than I want her to. Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite fit into the RV, so she hangs out with a friend while we are on our country-wide adventure.

Why I’m a Nationwide Equestrian Photographer

As an angst-y teenager, my relationship with my own horse was one of the best things in my life. He helped me get through so much. Horses are some of the most amazing creatures on earth, and the bond they form with their humans is absolutely incredible. My own horse, Thunder, has since passed away, but I will forever treasure the photos I have of him. In fact, photographing my own horse was one of the reasons I became interested in photography in the first place. I love capturing the connection between horse and owner and immortalizing these special creatures in our lives!

One of my senior photos with my horse, Thunder. Photo by Molly Finnel Photography.

Where I’m Available for Sessions

I currently live in an RV on the road and drive throughout the country offering sessions with NO TRAVEL FEES if you are within 2 hours of a location I am already traveling to. Get more info on my pricing and where I am scheduled to travel to, or get in touch.

Let’s Talk About Your Session

My favorite family photo of the four of us.