About Deziree – Nationwide Equestrian Photographer

My name is Deziree (surprise,surprise!) and here are a few quick facts about me:

-I grew up in Washington State so I love green trees and dense forests. But I also love the beautiful mountainous nature of Colorado, where I currently live with my handsome hubby and our playful pup, and our vicious purrball of a kitty. We also recently starting taking care of a Clydesdale Quarter horse, ironically named Pixy.

-I’m addicted to cookies and cookie dough. My wonderful husband bakes me two fresh cookies every night.

-I prefer Star Wars to Star Trek, Amy Pond is my favorite companion but I don’t have a favorite Doctor, I think Pierce Brosnan is the hottest James Bond, trilogies with Harrison Ford are the best, and Batman Forever is probably my favorite super hero movie. Update: Guardians of the Galaxy is giving Batman Forever a run for its money!

-Hot tea is one of my favorite things in life, if I’m at home, you can usually find me with a cup of tea in my hand. In fact, I just love all hot drinks, year around. Nothing cools you down in the hot summer like a steaming drink!

-My dog Tibbers is named after a character from a video game. Basically, my husband and I are giant nerds. We named our cat Death Cat for Cutie, but I’ve never asked how she really feels about alternative rock.

-I’m happiest when my hair has at least a little purple in it!

Photo by Haley Allen Photography


Why I’m an Nationwide Equestrian Photographer

As an angst-y teenager, my relationship with my own horse was one of the best things in my life. He helped me get through so much. Horses are some of the most amazing creatures on earth, and the bond they form with their humans is absolutely incredible. My own horse, Thunder, has since passed away, but I will forever treasure the photos I have of him. In fact, photographing my own horse was one of the reasons I became interested in photography in the first place. I love capturing the connection between horse and owner and immortalizing these special creatures in our lives!

One of my senior photos with my horse, Thunder. Photo by Molly Finnel Photography.

Where I’m Available for Sessions

I’m based out of Evergreen, Colorado, and am available for shoots throughout Colorado.

I also travel frequently throughout the country and offer sessions with NO TRAVEL FEES if you are within 2 hours of a location I am already traveling to. Get more info on my pricing and where I am scheduled to travel to, or get in touch.

Let’s Talk About Your Session

Me with the hubby, Brad, and the dog, Tibbers. Photo by Jenny Wohrle.