About Deziree

What makes a horse photographer…

As an angst-y teenager, Deziree's own relationship with her own horse was one of the best things in her life. She can honestly say he helped her get through so much. After he passed, she was so grateful that she had so many photos of him, and to this day, can still often be found flipping through those pictures.  He is well documents since photographing her own horse was one of the reasons she became interested in photography in the first place. She loves capturing the connection between horse and owner and immortalizing these special creatures in our lives!


Some Fun Facts

  • Runs on tea and cookies
  • Can often be found riding bareback for the sole reason that she's too lazy to put the saddle on
  • Happiest when surrounded by as many animals as possible
  • Guilty pleasure is watching far too many buddy cop shows and procedural crime dramas
  • Rides English mostly just because she likes jumping shit
  • Believes travel feeds the soul, but is also kinda a homebody

About Brad

Some fun Facts

  • Thinking of legally changing his name to Bread, the best food
  • Loves dogs more than people
  • Can ground mount a bareback horse 10x better than Deziree

Becoming a horse Photographer's Assistant

Brad hasn't always been around horses, but because he's not stupid, he's always known they were pretty cool. Enter Deziree, and suddenly horses were a big part of his life. Luckily, he's got a natural talent for making horses love him (it doesn't hurt that his pockets are often stuffed with treats).  He's become an expert in getting horses to look at him, and has also started riding as well.


    The Sidekicks

    While they might not be at shoots with Brad and Deziree, their furry family is at work behind the scenes, keeping them motivated and properly cuddled!



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    Death Cat for Cutie

    Family Photos - Just for fun