About Me

What makes a horse photographer…

As an angst-y teenager, my relationship with my own horse was one of the best things in my life. I can honestly say he helped me get through so much. After he passed, I was so grateful that she had so many photos of him, and to this day, I can still often be found flipping through those pictures.  He is well documented since photographing my own horse was one of the reasons I became interested in photography in the first place.

When I first started my photography business, I tried my hand at it all, but after a few sessions with horses, I knew where my true calling was: photographing horses and the people who love them.

Getting my mare Pixy just reaffirmed what I already knew about horses. They hold a place in our lives and hearts that nothing else can fill, and they deserve to be celebrated. For me, the best way I know to celebrate our equine best friends is through photography. Both so that we can constantly show off just how amazing they are, and to help us remember them once they are gone.

Michigan equestrian photographer

Some Fun Facts

  • I’m basically powered by tea and cookies

  • I can often be found riding bareback for the sole reason that I’m too lazy to put a saddle on

  • I’m happiest when surrounded by as many animals as possible

  • My guilty pleasure is watching far too many buddy cop shows and procedural crime dramas

  • I ride English, but have a wish to do vaulting and trick riding

  • I’m kind a homebody but still believe that travel feeds the soul

  • My newest obsession is my veggie garden, hopefully Pixy will approve once she has a carrot from it

  • One of my favorite things about horses is that they push us physically, mentally, and emotionally to be better riders, and oftentimes, better people

My (Non-Horse) Loves


Brad - husband and Horse wrangler

Besides being a pretty amazing husband, Brad is also a pretty awesome horse wrangler. Brad hasn't always been around horses, but because he's not stupid, he's always known they were pretty cool. Now that horses are a big part of his life, it’s been discovered that he's got a natural talent for making horses love him (it doesn't hurt that his pockets are often stuffed with treats).  When he’s not loving on horses, he’s programming, or trying his hand at (non-farrier) blacksmithing.



Known to her many adoring fans as the dog that will climb anything, Tibbers is our faithful sidekick. She’s been a part of our little family since before we were married, and has literally traveled the country with us! Her main duty is to guard the house and garden from vicious rabbits and squirrels, but she can often be found sleeping on the job. While it’s never been tested thoroughly, at this point she remains the best jumper in the family, despite being several hands shorter than the horse.


Death Cat for Cutie

As her name implies, she is both deadly and cute, and obliviously a fan of alternative rock. To add to her adorableness, I’ve actually trained her to give kisses on command, but she is also very prone to biting. Despite being the cat of a horse photographer, the one and only time she met a horse, she was extremely unhappy with the situation. Instead, she stays home and cuddles during editing sessions.

Family Photos - Just for fun