Deziree - THe Photographer

Deziree's passion for equine photography began with her own horse, who was one of the most influential aspects on her teenage years. When she's not shoving her camera in horses' faces, you can usually find her cuddling whatever animal is convenient, or eating far too many cookies with her tea.


Brad - The Horse Whisperer

Brad may have only recently discovered his love for horses, but that doesn't stop him from being the best equestrian photo assistant around. Because behind every good horse photographer there is quite literally someone jumping up and down to get the horse's attention.


Pixy, tibbers, and DC - The SIDEKICKS

While it may seem like Deziree's and Brad's horse, dog, and cat don't do much around here, they truly do keep the show running. They might spend most of their time trying to score more food but they also provide endless cuddles and inspiration.