Deposit for Discounted 2019 Equestrian Photo Shoot

Deposit for Discounted 2019 Equestrian Photo Shoot


This is a deposit for a discounted 2019 equestrian session with Deziree’s Photography. To reserve your $300 session you just need $150 down now, and the additional $150 is due the day of your session. 

The $150 retainer is non-refundable. 

Session must take place in 2019. You should plan on getting your session scheduled at least a month prior to desired shoot month. 

At the time of scheduling, clients will be required to sign a shoot contract. 

This special offer is only available for sessions in Southern Michigan, Middle Tennessee, and Northern Virginia. If you are in another location and are interested in a Black Friday deal on a session, please email me (, we may be able to make something work!

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