101 Goals in 1001 Days | 2018 - 2021 List

September marked the end of the first 101 goals in 1001 days list I created. You can check out that list and how I did completing my goals, here. I didn’t do quite as well on my goals as I had hoped, but I still felt like the list really pushed me in a good way. So obviously I had to start a new list!

It’s interesting to see how my priorities have changed. I’ve even divided this list in a different way, as what I’m focusing on in my life has shifted. I’m excited to get started on this new list, and see if I can’t do better this time around!

101 goals in 1001 days

List Start Date: 9/29/18
List End Date: 6/26/21


  1. Write a novel

  2. Sew a saddle pad

  3. A boudoir website

  4. A boudoir portfolio

  5. Keep doing Christmas Cards

  6. Xmas Card scrapbook

  7. Make a handmade gift for someone

  8. An herb garden

  9. Recreate a photo of my siblings

  10. Fine art photos of my pets

  11. Homemade cheese

  12. Homemade beer

  13. Something wooden

  14. Apple cider

  15. Something using leather

  16. A piece of clothing/costume

  17. Homemade sushi

  18. Bake a souffle

  19. A piece of furniture


  20. Another year of 52 books in 52 weeks

  21. Dog sledding

  22. Pictures with Pixy

  23. Have a real Christmas Tree

  24. Compete in a schooling level show

  25. Run another fun run/obstacle course

  26. Be able to do a pull-up

  27. Eat at ten new restaurants

  28. Host a themed party

  29. Ride a camel

  30. Get a band for my wedding ring and new ring for Brad for our 5 year anniversary

  31. Be able to ground mount Pixy (~16 hands)

  32. Some sort of consistent journal exercise

  33. Buy a pair of heels I love

  34. Send 5 people flowers

  35. Send 5 people books

  36. Take a lesson in something I've never done before

  37. Plant a tree

  38. Go to a concert

  39. Host a wine or beer tasting

  40. Live showing of Rocky Horror

  41. Go on a picnic

  42. Try color depositing conditioner

  43. Do 5 projects around the house

  44. Read 5 classic books

  45. Send all my immediate family members birthday cards one year

  46. Go fishing

  47. Have a series movie marathon

  48. Go to a u-pick farm

  49. Read the Lord of the Rings books

  50. Go on another family vacation

  51. Buy a big table for board games

  52. See a musical

  53. Hang up photos in all rooms

  54. Finally see Shawshank Redemption

  55. Grow a lemon tree

  56. Buy a saddle

  57. Shoot a bow

  58. Stay the night somewhere unique (treehouse, houseboat)

  59. Cash in all the loose change in the house

  60. Do a polar plunge

  61. Try kickboxing

  62. Get a physical library card and go to the library

  63. Teach Brad to be able to ride a horse at W/T/C comfortably

  64. Take a dance class

  65. Indoor skydiving


  66. Visit all 50 states

  67. Visit 5 new national parks

  68. Visit Hawaii

  69. A Great Lake

  70. Do a weekend getaway

  71. A zoo

  72. Cedar Point

  73. Mackinaw Island

  74. Gaming convention

  75. Week/Weekend in Canada

  76. A country I haven't been to yet

  77. A cave system I haven't been to

  78. A castle

  79. A new animal sanctuary

  80. Boston


  81. Rebuild savings

  82. Pay off one student loan

  83. Buy a home

  84. Have only one vehicle financed

  85. *** (this is a private goal I may or may not announce later on)

  86. Start saving for retirement

  87. Sell the RV

  88. Figure out a new solution to birth control

    Monthly Challenges

  89. Ride 4x a week for 4 weeks

  90. Play tennis 2x a week for 4 weeks

  91. Try a no-spend month

  92. Go a month without Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video

  93. Floss daily for a month

  94. Social media detox

  95. Write everyday for a month

  96. Go meatless for a month

  97. No soda for a month

  98. Put business on auto pilot for a month

  99. Work on upper body 4x a week for 4 weeks

  100. Go without alcohol for a month

  101. Try a new recipe 2x for a month

I’m so excited to start working on these. I always love having things to work towards, and now I have another 101 goals to aim for!

101 goals in 1001 days