My Own Photos | Michigan Horse Photographer

If you follow my social media or this blog or any of my stuff really, hopefully you’re getting one really strong message: the bond humans share with horses is incredible, and I photograph equestrians so I can capture that connection in images. Cause everything I do boils down to that. That’s why I’m here taking and sharing all these photos of horses and their people; it’s not just about pretty pictures, it’s about the relationship. 

So when I got my current horse, Pixy, a few years ago, I was immediately dreaming of when I could get my own amazing photos with her. Of course, it took us some time to really get to know one another, and to form that bond, but after a few months, I was completely in love with my girl. My photos with my first horse, Thunder, were some of my most treasured memories and I wanted to make sure Pixy and I had those too. 

Unfortunately all of the equestrian photographers I wanted to work with were several states away, and I really wanted someone who knew horses to do our photos. Knowing horses makes taking beautiful photos of them a lot smoother. Lucky for me, my husband is an absolute saint and agreed to help me get some photos with Pixy. It’s a bit hard doing all the settings, and trying to pose yourself, but at least Brad’s learned enough from me to take some awesome photos that were in focus!

When I’m photographing equestrian photo shoots, my jobs of getting both of you in the right pose, the right light, and with no grumpy ears can sometimes be a little tricky. But let me tell you, being the model at a shoot is work! You gotta get yourself AND your horse looking good, and then try to smile for photos while your horse is trying to pull you towards some tasty grass. So props to all my past clients, you ladies made looking good at your sessions look easy!

And despite all the moments during this shoot that my horse was driving me insane, I am in love with the results! (Did I mention that as soon as I jumped on in a dress, bareback, that diva reared her highest rear ever?!) And I’m still dreaming of a full session with a professional equestrian photographer, but these photos capture exactly what I was hoping for: the love I have for this incredible mare. 

In fact, I’m so obsessed with the results, I ordered a huge canvas of the two of us for the living room wall. Maybe I’m vain, but it’s the first thing you see when you walk in my place, and it makes me happy everyday.