SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program | Virginia Horse Photographer

While I may live a ways away, I love visiting Virginia and getting to photograph horses there. And luckily I’m there quite a bit! On a trip there this summer, I had the immense pleasure of getting to photograph an amazing local organization in Fairfax county, the SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program. 

If you haven’t heard of SPIRIT before, go check out their website, or give their Facebook page a like, cause it is an awesome program. According to their website “SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program is dedicated to healing of body, mind and spirit using interaction between humans and horses, to learning, using activities with horses – on the ground or in the saddle – to promote awareness and then relate that learning to life beyond the barn.” I got to witness this program in actions as I watched several children light up getting to work with and ride horses. 

I am always amazed by therapeutic riding programs and the work they accomplish with horses and humans. Horses have so much to teach us about ourselves, and so many ways to help us grow and learn. Watching the children and volunteers at SPIRIT working with the horses was truly inspiring. 

Whether you’re in Fairfax county or not, I definitely encourage you to look into SPIRIT and considering donating to this amazing program. And hopefully these photos capture a little bit of the magic of the program that I got to see.