Logan | Colorado Senior Equestrian Photography

High school senior photography is all about expressing who you are at an important time of your life and what you love. And if what you love has four legs, definitely include them! For this Colorado Senior Equestrian photo session, Logan included not only her horse, Kingsley, but also her donkeys!

Logan has no shortage of four-legged friends. We started with her horse Kingsley, a retired thoroughbred who was just as sweet as can be. The connection between Logan and Kingsley is so clear, that it was just too easy to photograph them together!

For the second half of her session we photographed her four donkeys (two of which are minis) and her dog. I may be a horse photographer, but I love photographing all animals really. And the donkeys were SO MUCH FUN!

Logan and her family rescued these four donkeys, and its clear that they are some well loved little guys. And quite the cute, chubby fellows!

This was my first time photographing donkeys, and I would love to do it again sometime. I had no idea how awesome donkeys could be. These donkeys have such big personalities and love attention! They also clearly adore Logan and the photos of them flocking to her are some of my favorites. As with Kingsley, Logan was all smiles with these guys, and it made it so easy to get great photos.

So don’t hesitate to include any of your four-legged friends in your high school senior photography. It makes for some amazing pictures!