Elyse | High School Senior Photos with Horses

Elyse was my amazing senior model a few years ago, and I had a blast each time I worked with her! For her promo session we focused mainly on her main man, Ledger. Together they compete in eventing, and make quite a team! For this session, we also incorporated Clover, and a few photos of just Elyse.

Clover was Elyse’s horse before she purchased Ledger, and will always hold a special place in her heart. Clover is quite the cutie, and was a doll to photograph! She had perfect ears nearly the whole time, and was such a sweet horse model!

Besides photos with her horses, we also did quite a few of just Elyse. After all it was her senior session so its important to get some photos of her without the horses too. I’ll be sharing more of those photos in another blog post!

So how does a session work when we want to do photos both with and without your horse(s)? Well there are a couple different things we can do. One way to do it is by starting the session with your horse, getting all of those photos done and then putting the horse up and taking photos of just you. Or vice versa with horse photos last. This requires us to be at your horse’s location, but is easiest as we don’t have to worry about the horse while we are focusing on you.

But if you want some photos both with and without your horse with each outfit, or at a location that isn’t your barn, it’s best to bring someone else along to help out with your horse. That way we can photograph you with your horse, then your helper can hold them while we individual photos. I do bring my wonderful assistant/husband, Brad, along to most of my shoots, and he is happy to hold your horse as well. We always appreciate an extra pair of hands in situations like these, though!