Morgan | Nashville Equestrian Photographer

Guys, I have a confession. I LOVE Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. I just want to be a Nashville equestrian photographer forever. It’s so green, and beautiful! Plus, I got to meet some awesome people and horses. While I was visiting recently, I got to do a super fun Franklin equestrian photo session with Morgan and her two horses.

Lucky for me, my fabulous sister-in-law, Clarissa, lives in Nashville, so I have a great excuse to visit often. Which is perfect, because Tennessee might be my new all time favorite place to photograph! The light was perfection, and everything was so green. And since I didn’t have my trusty sidekick/assistant/hubby with me, Clarissa got to help out on her first two equestrian photo sessions :)

Morgan has two horses, Mo and Tadah, and both were total sweethearts to work with. Although I swear Mo, the bay, was falling asleep for most of the session, she was just so relaxed. Tadah is barely more than a baby, but she did so great! Plus, she had some of the most adorable moments “smiling” with Morgan, as you’ll see in the first picture below.

This was my first of two sessions around Nashville this last month, so stay tuned for another gorgeously green session I’ll be sharing soon.

And, if you’re in Nashville/Middle Tennessee, and want some awesome photos with your horses, PLEASE get in touch! I am dying to do more sessions there!