Ashley & Rio | Nevada Horse Photography

I’ve said it a gazillion times before, but my favorite part of being an equestrian photographer is getting to meet so many amazing people and their horses. And getting to travel often means I get to meet that many more people and horses! Plus, I get to shoot at so many diverse landscapes, like the beautiful Las Vegas desert. I had a great time at this Nevada horse photography session with Ashley, and her wonderful horse Rio.

Most of my clients love shooting on nice, sunny days (although I’m pretty much up for any weather, and sometimes the worse the weather, the better the photos). But, since we were only in Vegas for a brief time, Ashley’s shoot ended up being on a super windy day with no time to reschedule. And she was an absolutely trooper. The wind was crazy, and a bit cold, but that didn’t stop Ashley from rocking it. Plus, the wind worked magic with her beautiful hair!

Ashley wasn’t the only rockstar at this session. Her horse Rio was so sweet and easy to work with. He was up for whatever we wanted and didn’t seem to mind his own hair whipping around as well. Plus, he did the cutest thing in so many of his photos and gently closed his eyes. I am seriously so in love with all the photos with his eyes closed! Now, if only I can get horses to close their eyes on command.

Interested in your own session in Nevada? I’d love an excuse to go back, the light there was perfection, so don’t hesitate to contact me about a Nevada horse photography session.