Angela | Virginia Horse Yoga Photo Shoot

This summer I had the most magical Virginia Horse Yoga photo shoot. I mean how could the combining of horses and yoga not be perfection? Angela runs Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio and I was so excited to get to photograph her in action! We worked with three of her horses out at her facility in Hume, Virginia.

We started this Virginia Horse photo shoot off with her big chestnut gelding, Slim. He was a sweetheart, but definitely didn't want to perk his ears at the camera! Luckily, Angela's mom saved the day by twirling an umbrella, and then he was all ears!

Next we moved on to working with Delilah, a little Arab rescue. This mare was giving me hair envy; just look at that luxurious mane and tail! For the set with Delilah, Angela brought wings, and they took this equestrian photo shoot to a whole new level of magical. Serious unicorn and fairy vibes going on. This mare was just a total doll, and totally unfazed by the wings.

To finish up this amazing Virginia equestrian shoot, we worked with Snowy, an adorable Appaloosa gelding. My first horse was an Appy, so I definitely have a soft spot (get it?) for them. Plus, how can you not just love a horse that is cool with someone doing yoga on their back?! He did try to walk off a few times, but Angela has incredible balance. I am just completely in awe of her ability to do yoga on horseback. I couldn't do those moves on flat ground, let alone on a horse!

If you happen to be in Northern Virginia, I definitely recommend reaching out to Angela and taking some horse yoga lessons, or even just a yoga class. She is just a wonderful person, and her passion for her horses shines through everything she does.