Hannah & Horses | Michigan Equestrian Photographer

Guys, can I just say that being a Michigan equestrian photographer is fabulous? Every session is just so green and pretty! Last month I worked with Hannah and her two horses, and I so over the moon about her beautiful photos!

As an equestrian photographer, my job is to make wherever we photograph look good. Sometimes my clients are at a cramped urban barn with only three trees, but with some clever angles, I can always make it work. But at Hannah’s barn in White Lake, there were almost too many pretty spots to choose from! There were fields galore, long stretching white fence line, beautiful trees, and even a corn field. In fact, the barn itself was so nice looking, I used it as a background. Seriously, this might be my new favorite location I’ve worked at!

Hannah has two lovely paint mares, Jersey and Nevada. I just love that they have matching state names! And my husband Brad loved Jersey’s two different colored eyes, he’s a sucker for animals with mismatched eyes! Both mares were far more interested in eating the abundant grass than get their pictures taken, but they were still lovely models. Hannah even had a flower crown and wreath for Jersey that she wore like it was an everyday thing for her!

If you’re interested in a session with a Michigan equestrian photographer, get in touch! I’m in love with photographing here and can’t wait to get out for more beautifully green shoots!

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