101 Goals in 1001 Days | January 2016

Okay, this may be a little nerdy, but one of my favorite things about the New Year is making new goals. I love writing out what I hope to achieve and working towards it. Normally I do yearly goals, but this year I am switching it up a little. After seeing a few photographers do 101 goals in 1001 Days, starting 1/1/2016 I decided to make a list of my own. It's exactly what it sounds like, 101 goals I would like to achieve in the next 1001 days (about 2 and a half years).

So here they are, my 101 goals (neatly divided into categories of course):

The List:

  1. Complete this list in time:

    Start Date: 1/1/2016

    End Date: 9/28/2018

  2. Help someone else complete a goal on their 101 in 1001 list

  3. Make another 101 goals list when this one is completed

  4. Donate $5 to charity for every uncompleted goal on this list

Photography/Photography Business:

  1. Blog 75 times in one year

  2. Go to WPPI

  3. Do 2 expo booths

  4. Do a styled wedding shoot with horses

  5. Get a senior rep for horse photography

  6. Shoot some more artistic horse photos

  7. Get published

  8. Buy a new prime lens

  9. Reach at least 1200 Instagram followers

  10. Test different off-camera flash setups on horses

  11. Make a calendar with horse photos

  12. Make a camera strap scarf

  13. Attend a photography or photo biz workshop

  14. Get film developed

  15. Do a horse photography shoot on film

  16. Get camera lenses calibrated and cleaned

  17. Make a yearly marketing plan every year

  18. Collaborate with another horse photographer

  19. Do a horse photo shoot in water

  20. Make 5 more how-to pins for Pinterest

  21. Get a new logo designed

  22. Do another promo video

  23. Get some sort of studio/business management system set up

  24. Have my website critiqued again

  25. Get some photos critiqued by another pro

  26. Add portfolio for high school seniors with horses

  27. Add portfolio for couples/engagement photography with horses


  1. Visit Whig St for 4th of July

  2. Take a week long road trip

  3. Visit a country I have not been to yet

  4. Visit Bishops Castle

  5. Go to the Ice Castles

  6. Go to Yellowstone

  7. Go to Carlsbad

  8. Go to the Gator Farm

  9. Play in the sand dunes

  10. Take Brad to the Ape Caves

  11. Eat a meal in the Space Needle with Brad

  12. Go to White Sands

  13. Visit Glennwood Springs

  14. Go on a vacation with my friends

  15. Do a girls weekend/getaway

DezireesPhotography-37 - Copy.jpg


  1. Finish my short story

  2. Read at least one book a month

  3. Read at least three business/photography books

  4. Take a meditation class

  5. Write and send at least one handwritten letter/note per month

  6. Take a free online class


  1. Try kickboxing

  2. Run a 5k

  3. Climb a 14er

  4. Start English riding lessons again

  5. Take a yoga class

  6. Try rock climbing

  7. Drink at least a half gallon of water a day for week

  8. Be able to touch my toes


  1. Ride a camel

  2. Go rafting

  3. Go camping at least twice a year

  4. Try a new exotic food

  5. See a concert at Red Rocks

  6. Go on a wine-tasting tour

  7. Attend the Renaissance Fair in costume

  8. Go to drive-in movie

  9. Visit the winery that make my favorite wine

  10. Build a bamboo forest

  11. Go to Denver Zoolights

  12. Go to a Seahawks game

  13. Take a snowboarding lesson

  14. Go to a live show of Rocky Horror

  15. Get a facial

  16. Escape the room

  17. Go roller skating

  18. Try snowmobiling


  1. Get a wedding album printed from my own wedding.

  2. Organize my jewelry and makeup

  3. Set up a decently sized herb garden

  4. Build something useful for the home

  5. Change to a capsule wardrobe

  6. Try making a month's worth of recipes and freezing them

  7. Decide what I'm doing with my wedding dress and do (trash, sell, keep)

  8. Make a recipe book/box with favorite/most used recipes

  9. Make a new cover for the sack chair


  1. Pay off at least half of my student debt

  2. Buy a home

  3. Get another family member that is not human

  4. Plant a tree

  5. Volunteer or donate to a cause

  6. Get family photos every year

  7. Buy a laptop

  8. Find a primary care physician in Colorado

  9. Get my dove tattoo filled in

  10. Recreate a photograph with my siblings from when we were little

  11. Continue keeping monthly budget and categorizing all spending

  12. Make an 6 month emergency fund

  13. Find a local famer's market

  14. Find a dentist I like in Colorado

Whew, so that's a lot of things to get done in the next few years, I better get working!

So annoyed that it’s really hard to make lists start at numbers that aren’t one, which is why each category starts over. But I promise, there are 101 goals here: 4+27+15+6+8+18+9+14=101.