Weather at Your Michigan Equestrian Shoot

No matter if I’m shooting a Michigan equestrian photo shoot, or photographing somewhere else in the country, weather is always a huge factor I pay attention to for my sessions. Typically my clients want sunny photos and so we try to plan for a sunny day. But, no matter how you plan, weather sometimes has a mind of its own. And that’s okay, because all types of weather can make for beautiful photos!

So what do we do if the day of your photo session rolls around and the weather is somewhat less than perfect? What if it's raining, snowing, or just overcast? You've got two options: reschedule or work with the weather. If there’s precipitation in the forecast for the day of your shoot, I’m more than happy to reschedule you to a better date. But my vote is often to work with the weather! Trying to plan around it is sometimes downright impossible, and in almost any weather we can still create beautiful photos together. Different weather can create so many unique looks.

Check out what type of photos different weather can get you!


Sunny shoots are what my clients and I typically aim for, and they create some gorgeous photos! They are especially perfect if we are shooting in an area with trees, so we can use the shade to avoid harsh shadows from the sun.

Weather at your michigan equestrian session


Honestly, I love me some clouds for photos, sometimes more than full on sun. It provides soft, even light that is especially flattering, and it oftentimes makes for the prettiest sunsets!

Weather at your Michigan equestrian shoot


There are some weeks in it seems like it will never stop raining! And not just any rain, but HARD rain! It might be the most difficult weather to work it, but it sure does produce some beautiful photos. Sure it means I have to shoot under an umbrella, and we all get a little wet, but I love the results! Which is why, we actually planned Brittany’s photo shoot so we would get to shoot in the rain!

Weather at your Michigan equestrian shoot


It’s not often I get to shoot in fog, it’s very hard to predict if there’s going to be any thick enough to really show up in photos. But, when the timing does happen to work out, it truly is stunning!

Weather at your Michigan equestrian shoot


It'll be cold, and you'll have to bundle up, but snow photos have a truly magical quality! Whether it is actively snowing or there is just snow on the ground, I love wintertime photos.

Weather at your Michigan equestrian shoot

What type of weather do you like the photos from most?