Logan | Equestrian Senior Photos

Equestrian high school senior photos are one of my favorite types of shoots and since I restarted my blog, I decided I really needed to make sure I re-posted this shoot. It was one of my most memorable senior photo shoots ever, and one that hold a special place in my heart. Logan is such a fun person to be around, and her smile could light up a room. We photographed her both with her retired horse Kingsley, and her FOUR donkeys!

Logan had only owned Kingsley for a short while, but their connection is unmistakable. Their bond made photographing them so incredibly easy. Plus, Logan seemed to be all smiles and laughter. It was impossible to take a bad photo of her with such a great smile! Kingsley is really living the best life for a horse, hanging out with his pasture mate, and getting spoiled. He lives directly across the street from Logan, so he never misses out on the love from his favorite human.

Just across the street at Logan’s house lives their four rescue donkeys and her family love getting to wake up and see them every morning. They are some well loved little guys. And quite the cute, chubby fellows!

This was my first time photographing donkeys, and before this I had no idea how awesome donkeys could be. These donkeys have such big personalities and love attention! They also clearly adore Logan and the photos of them flocking to her are some of my favorites. As with Kingsley, Logan was all smiles with these guys, and it made it so easy to get great photos.

So don't hesitate to include any of your four-legged friends in your high school senior photography. It makes for some amazing pictures!