A Shout Out to the Best Horse Photography Assistant Ever

When my husband Brad and I first got together, I made it very clear to him that if we were going to have a lasting relationship, he was going to have to get very comfortable around horses. When I started specializing in horse photography, he came along to be my assistant. And it turns out, Brad isn’t just a dreamy husband, he’s the DREAM horse photographer assistant. And since today is Valentine’s Day, and Monday was his birthday, I figured it was the perfect time to give him a shout out!

Being a horse photographer is more than a one man (or woman) job. Yeah sure, I can snap photos of horses by myself all day long, but to make a horse session run smoothly, I need a little help. If you book a shoot with Deziree's Photography, you'll be sure to meet Brad. He comes along to almost all of my shoots and helps with everything! Whether it's "getting the ears", carrying equipment, giving legs up, or holding your horse, Brad's the man.

And horses ADORE Brad. It might have something to do with the fact that he’s usually packing treats, but I also think it’s just him. I may be able to get Pixy to behave a bit better, but he definitely has a special connection with her. And they are so darn cute together!

He's the best assistant I could ask for, and now I can't imagine working without him! But besides being a wonderful horse photography assistant, he’s also just a great husband. From living in a mountain cabin in Colorado, to traveling across the US in an RV, we’ve had our share of adventures together, and I can’t imagine a better partner for all the crazy things I do. So thanks for putting up with me Brad, and happy Valentine’s day!