Emily | Rocky Mountain Horse Photographer

Ranches are definitely one of my favorite places to photograph, so this week I thought I’d share an older ranch session. Part of the appeal of ranches is because on so much land there is always tons of locations to choose from. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the biggest draw is always the amount of animals around. I'm pretty much obsessed with all animals, so the more that are around me during a shoot, the better!

Emily lives in a cute cabin on a ranch in Conifer, and I had so much fun hanging out with her and lots of resident ranch animals during this Colorado winter photo shoot. Most of the session was spent photographing her and one of the ranch horses, Cat. The whole time we were followed diligently by no less than four dogs, four goats, and two other horses. There was a llama as well, but he was much more antisocial.

The whole day had been warm and sunny, but when it came time for the shoot, a ton of wind suddenly kicked up! We were actually all freezing, but Emily totally rocked it, and you can't even tell how cold it was. Of course, having a warm horse to hug always helps!