Sharla & Her Boys | Washington Horse Photographer

Sometimes, I leave a shoot and I just can’t stop smiling cause it just filled my cup. Sharla’s shoot was one of those. The love she has for her two horses is beyond inspiring, and working with the three of them was absolutely amazing. This Washington horse photo shoot was definitely the perfect way to kick off 2019.

From the first time Sharla contacted me, I knew it was going to be a special shoot, the way she talks about her horses makes it so obvious how much she loves them. She’s had her older horse, Clone, for 23 years! Sharla referred to him as her best friend, and we I saw them together, that bond was so clear and unmistakable. Her second horse Khody, is a gorgeous pinto that she’s known his whole life. Both horses were beyond sweet, and it was easy to see why Sharla loves them so much. My husband and I kept commenting on how they were like working with the biggest, friendliest dogs, complete with face kisses from Clone!

Sharla and her boys live in Buckley, Washington, and the farm the horses at are the reason I love Washington horse photo sessions. The shoot took place in January, and even in the winter the Pacific Northwest does not disappoint! As always, it was beautiful and green, making it hands down my favorite place to have a winter shoot. If you’re looking for a Washington horse photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me, I do sessions there a few times a year and would love to meet you and your horses!