Brittany | Rainy Washington Equestrian Session

As a traveling horse photographer, I love getting to photograph is such different scenery and weather. And my Washington sessions never disappoint. Besides all my sessions being so lusciously green, I was extremely lucky to do rainy Washington equine photos with Brittany. I love when my clients are willing to risk a bit of cold and a lot of wet for beautiful photos.

Last time I photographed Brittany and a few of her horses, it was a beautiful sunny day in June. I am absolutely in love with those photos. (So is all of Pinterest judging by how often they get repinned!) BUT, I really wanted to do something a little different this time, a little darker, and little moodier, and for once, the weather totally worked with us.

Besides being an amazing person, Brittany is an amazing rider. I just love hearing the way she talks about training her horses, and her passion and dedication to riding.

She is also up for almost anything in the photo department, including getting super wet and slipping around in the mud. Both her boys that we photographed were also troopers. Her main man, Vinny, the light dapple grey, was so easy to work with. He was completely unphased by the pouring rain, the umbrella, and by our strange antics. Christian, Brittany's young horse, astonished me with how well he did, despite the fact that we were asking him to do all sorts of confusing things!

My goal is always to create meaningful, beautiful photos that capture that powerful connection between horses and their riders. That's almost easy to do working with someone like Brittany, a true horsewoman whose love for her horses shines through everything she does. Rain or shine, that strong bond remains.