Fuzzy Snow Pony and Spring Excitement

I know my fellow equestrians will feel me when I say winter is hard. Between the cold, the extra work that snow brings, and the short days, it’s literally a dark time for us horse lovers. But the good news is we are putting all of that behind us. It’s March, and last week brought the first official day of spring, and I for one am just over the moon excited about warmer weather.

That being said, there are definitely some things I love about winter. First off, my horse is super adorable in the winter. She doesn’t wear a blanket at all, and is 1/2 Clydesdale, so she gets SUPER FUZZY and it is beyond adorable. Of course that brings it’s own problems, mainly that if I make her sweat I basically just have to spend an hour cooling her down…. But it’s totally worth the extra hassle because she is just that cute!

The other thing I love about winter is getting to shoot in the snow. It’s not something I get to do very often, mostly because timing fresh snow when I’m available is a bit hard (plus, it’s cold!). But I’m always so happy when I do get to do some snow photos. And this year I combined the two things I love about winter: my fuzzy horse and snow photos!

So enjoy the photos and how cute my pony is, and then join me in being super excited that it is officially spring, and sunny photo sessions are just around the corner!