Product Spotlight | Canvas Wall Art

I'm a huge believer in printing and displaying your photos. After all, you just had an amazing session with your horse, we got some beautiful photos, why wouldn’t you want to show those off?! That’s why I offer a variety of wall art products to my clients. One of the most classic options I offer is canvases. There is a reason these beautiful pieces have lasted as the "traditional" way to display your most loved photos.

Wrapped around a 1-2 inch wooden frame, canvases stand out on your wall, and are sure to be noticed. They lend an artistic feel to your photos, and radiate a classic elegance. And perhaps one of the best things about this medium is that it will fit in with almost any style of decor. Whether your decor is modern, vintage, rustic or something else, displaying your photos on canvas is sure to look great in your home!

Plus, these things are stupid easy to hang. All you need is a single nail, or a couple of command strips, and you’re done. Seriously, not having to shop for a frame that fits my decor might be the number one reason a decent number of the photos in my house are displayed on canvas.

I love canvases so much that they were my go-to to decorate my expo booth in past years, which is why all these example photos are from an expo booth :)