Amanda & Goose | Southern Michigan Equestrian Photos

Amanda and Goose are exactly why I love photographing horses and their owners. It's so clear when you see them interact that Amanda is head over heels for her handsome four-footed man! And I have to say, it's always love at first sight for me too when I see a grey horse.

I think Amanda actually summed it up best when she filled out my contact form and for the section about her horse she wrote

"Goose is my heart horse and he deserves to have his picture taken every chance he gets!"

And it's easy to see how much she adores Goose in the photos. She was constantly laughing and smiling at him, and just so happy to be around him.

The session took place at one of my favorite local barns, Berwyck Saddle Club. And beautiful Michigan light that I'm obsessed with really came through for us!