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Happy Anniversary to the Best Husband Ever!

If you’ve had a equestrian photography shoot with Deziree’s Photography, there’s a good chance you’ve met my amazing husband Brad. He’s the one jumping up and down to try and get your horse to look at him. Besides being a fabulous, equestrian photography assistant, he also happens to be the best husband ever. And today is a fourth anniversary, so here’s to Brad, for always being amazing!

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A Nationwide Horse Photographer on the Road

Back in November 2017 we made a big life change. We sold our house, bought an RV and a truck and hit the road. For the past several months we've been traveling the western US, and having a great time. I could not be happier with our new digs. We did some renovations to really make it feel like ours, and I can honestly say it is nicer than our old house!

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