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You're obsessed with your horse...

And that's not a bad thing, it's wonderful! Our horses are so much more than just pets; they are our friends, our teammates, our family.  We form such strong bonds with our horses, and here at Deziree's Photography, we want to capture that connection in beautiful photographs that you'll treasure forever!






Brittany - Washington

I had a session back this last June. I live in Washington State and have quite a few horses. I can’t say enough on how awesome the day went. Deziree helped me so professionally in so many ways. A lot for me was helping me pose and she also had a great vision that made it very easy to trust her! I was so happily surprised when I received my photos. They were more than I ever hoped for and completely surpassed any expectations I had. She handled the day and my crazy creatures very very well! As well as her helpful husband. Thank you so so much!!! I recommend her to anyone over and over again. You absolutely will not be disappointed.

Angela - Virginia

Deziree was so much fun to work with and the photos she took of me and my horses are by far my favorite of all time! I highly recommend her and can't wait to have her out to do another shoot sometime!

Taylor - Colorado

Working with Deziree was nothing short of awesome! Her ease and calming personality made me feel so comfortable, even though I was super nervous. We included our horses, goats, and chickies into some portraits and she and Brad came with so much patience and treats for the whole clan! Her style and approach to photography was so refreshing and she built my confidence the whole shoot but giving me specific directions on how to pose and how the shots were turning out. She even showed me the back of the camera to see a few photos which really helped me share the vision she was after!



Deziree - THe Photographer

Deziree's passion for equine photography began with her own horse, who was one of the most influential aspects on her teenage years. When she's not shoving her camera in horses' faces, you can usually find her cuddling whatever animal is convenient, or eating far too many cookies with her tea.


Brad - The Horse Whisperer

Brad may have only recently discovered his love for horses, but that doesn't stop him from being the best equestrian photo assistant around. Because behind every good horse photographer there is quite literally someone jumping up and down to get the horse's attention.


Pixy, tibbers, and DC - The SIDEKICKS

While it may seem like Deziree's and Brad's horse, dog, and cat don't do much around here, they truly do keep the show running. They might spend most of their time trying to score more food but they also provide endless cuddles and inspiration.



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